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Putting People First

Creating a sustainable safety and leadership culture by providing a variety of virtual and hands-on learning sessions.

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Trindel strives to share best practices and create opportunities for all of our members. Leadership means being positive and passionate, honest and empathetic, guiding and supportive, motivational and nurturing, creative and inspiring. Trindel has a Leadership Supervision Training Program (LSTP) that is designed to help supervisors learn and retain necessary skills to successfully implement safety and leadership initiatives.

Leadership Training Program

A great way for managers to improve their capabilities, inspire their teams and achieve outstanding business results is through proper leadership skills training. Through the leadership training program, managers can learn how to create a vision for their team and how to inspire others.

Safety Training Program

Our safety training program aims to provide members with the knowledge and skills to perform their duties safely and effectively. This includes the hazards and risks associated with their various work activities and instructs them on how to identify, report, and address any workplace incidents or other risk-associated situations that may occur.

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Law Enforcement Task Force

We are committed to our partners in Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Task Force was created in October 2023. The purpose of the task force is to foster communication, share resources, strategize risk control measures, and provide professional development opportunities between member agencies and JPA.

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