Property and Liability

The Property and Liability Program began in 1985 as a self-insured program with excess coverage.

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Risk Control Services

The most effective means of reducing losses is by controlling the risk.

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Risk Management

Provide members with the most cost effective risk financing mechanisms to selected property, casualty, workers’ compensation, liability and other coverages.

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Workers’ Compensation

We understand the impact a work-related injury can have on your life.

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Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a FREE service to all County employees.

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Meetings and Agendas

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be determined by the Board according to the Bylaws Article IV, Section 1.

The Board shall hold an annual organizational meeting in May or June of each year for the purpose of the installation of new Directors, the election of officers and Executive Committee, approval of the budget, and the transaction of other business according to the Bylaws Article IV, Section 2.