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Rural Counties, Specialized Coverage

Trindel acts as a cash flow mechanism for our members where each is fiscally responsible for their own losses but pools their resources together for catastrophic incidents, and the cost to administer the program.

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Property and Liability

Advocating and collaborating on behalf of each member to cost-effectively handle claims as they arise.


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Risk Control Services

Helping our member counties to anticipate and proactively manage their risk as it may occur.


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Workers’ Compensation

Assisting injured workers in understanding the Workers’ Compensation process to help navigate them back to their normal day-to-day activities.


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Employee Assistance

Assisting you in your time of need.


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Board Meetings & Agendas

Operating under Bylaws Article IV, Section 1, annual meetings are held each year to elect new directors and officers, approve budgets, and more.


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Career Opportunities

We lead one of the strongest and most respected risk pool JPAs in California. Apply and become a member of our team.


Member Spotlight

Veronica Baumgardner

Interim HR Director for the County of Sutter

Veronica has been working for Sutter County for 5.5 years. She has made significant strides in various areas, such as bringing Sutter County's back into compliance with the Trindel annual safety audit. To achieve this, she created a strong DSR group and developed policies and procedures that helped guide their safety program. She has also successfully negotiated labor agreements with multiple bargaining units. Additionally, she was instrumental in bringing back Sutter County's Annual Health and Wellness Fair. One of her proudest achievements is the creation and maintenance of the BeWell Wellness Incentive Program.

Originally from Marysville, CA, she obtained her business management degree from Chico State and was previously employed with Sunsweet for 10 years. She is a loving wife to her high school sweetheart and a very active mom of 3, who loves to coach soccer, baseball and is on the PTA board.

Veronica, on behalf of Trindel, we are proud to have you as our member spotlight and appreciate your extraordinary dedication, passion, and exceptional skills you have brought to Sutter County and Trindel as one of our members. 

Veronica Baumgardner

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Accredited with Excellence

Trindel Insurance Fund is accredited by CAJPA accreditation program to ensure our members receive the quality and professional standards they deserve.

California Association of Joint Powers Authorities

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