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Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP)

We Got Your Six, Take a Break from the Action

Culturally competent professionals providing specialized counseling for the first responder community and their families.

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While being a law enforcement professional can be a rewarding job, it can also be mentally and emotionally taxing. With every assignment comes the possibility of witnessing something that can be disturbing. Incidents of child abuse, domestic violence, officer-involved shootings, and more can be a regular part of the job. Over time, it takes a toll on the employee leading to deterioration of mental health, work performance, and your relationships.

We Are Here For You

Trindel has recognized the toll that it takes on our law enforcement personnel to protect and serve our communities and has developed the LEAP program as a proactive approach to assist employees who have experienced or witnessed a tragic event in seeking counseling or another specialized approach to help prevent the downfall from these events. Trindel will provide three free sessions of confidential counseling every 6-months to the employee, their spouse, and their dependent children. Additional resources are available for chaplain support, peer support and nutritional/wellness support as needed.

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