Over the past 30 plus years that Trindel has been in operation we have compiled a number of additional resources that are a benefit to our members. With your member login you will find lists of contractors that have been tested and meet the Trindel standards. These service contacts provide group rates for training, investigating , human resource specialists and more. You will also find links to resources from private resources to public regulatory agencies. And most recently we have started a library of legal opinions on issues that our members have encountered providing their public services.

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  • Cal Osha Regulation Search: www.dir.ca.gov
    Take care of your wording in your query. This search engine offers little leeway for wording.
  • Michael Josephson Commentary: Josephson Institute
    Ethics for public officals have now been mandated. Here’a site that talks to the “spirit of ethics” rather than the “law of ethics”. Good stuff!
  • Where to find MSDSs: www.ilpi.com
    Looking for MSDS? This is a great source for looking for the provider that will work for you.
  • California Public Employer Labor Relations Association:www.calpelra.org
    Great source for human resource and labor relations information and training.
  • Cresswell Physical: www.cresswell
    Ergonomics Institute/Cresswell Physical Therapy offers a licensed Ergonomist that may be willing to travel to your County. Lassen County has used this service and we are very happy with the results. 530-244-7686- 2449 Court Street, Redding CA 96001

Cal OSHA Links

  • Cal OSHA Training Matrix: www.dir.ca.gov
    Want to know what training is required by Cal OSHA and when? It’s all here.

Fed OSHA Links

  • Fed OSHA: www.osha.gov
  • OSHA Citation History: www.osha.gov
    Stop! Before you hire that contractor run a “OSHA Rap Sheet”. Be sure to enter the formal name of the company.
  • CAJPA – California Association of Joint Powers Authorties: cajpa.org
    Great organization for JPAs large or small. Good networking and sharing group for all topics concerning Joint Powers Authorities
  • Parma Risk Managers Association: www.parma.com
  • National Safety Council: www.nsc.org
    National Safety Council: Safety & Health Fact Sheets
  • Safety Info: www.safetyinfo.com
    Good site for all things safety.
  • American Industrial Hygiene Society: www.aiha.org
    Indoor air quality, mold, asbestos, etc? Much help to be found at this site.
  • American National Standards Institute: www.ansi.org
    Pretty technical stuff here but standards are researched and set by ANSI. A visit here on any topic is worth while.
  • California Code of Regulations Search Engine: www.ccr.oal.ca.gov
    Easy to use search engine for those pesky CCR regulations.
  • California Department of Transportation: www.dot.ca.gov
    You can get to CalTrans from here
  • California Joint Powers Insurance Authority: www.cjpia.org/
    Comprehensive list of policies that could keep you from reinventing the wheel. Also the home page offers links to other services provided by CJPIA.
  • California Manual of Uniform Traffic Controls: www.dot.ca.gov
    Here is the “go to” source for road maintenance traffic control and flagger safety.
  • Environmental Protection Agency: www.epa.gov
    Guidelines to mold in schools and commercial buildings that focuses on things you can do before calling in those expensive Industrial Hygienists.
  • FEMA Training courses: www.fema.gov
    Looking for information on FEMA training required for county employees? Check this out.
  • National Institute of Occupational Health & Safety: cdc.gov/niosh
    That would be NIOSH
  • Road Sign Retroflectivity Tool Kit: safety.fhwa.dot.gov
    Wondering what Retroreflectivity is and how it will affect your county? I found this link and Gene gave me two milk bones and a chew stick, it was that good. It tells all you ever wanted to know about road sign retroreflectivity… and more. All of us safety dogs are color blind so it doesn’t matter much to me. See ya, Gromet the Safety Dog.
  • US Department of Transportation: www.dot.gov/
    The County Safety Officers’ Organization of California is composed of government and private agencies from throughout the state, and serves to protect county government workers from industrial injury or death, and provide loss control and risk management services to public agencies.
  • CSAC Excess Insurance Agency: www.csac-eia.org
    Trindel is a member of CSAC Excess Insurance Authority, a member-directed risk sharing pool of counties and other municipalities. It is an excellent source of information and services. Check it out!
    Federal Mining Safety & Health Administration. If you have any mining operation (aggrigate, screening, etc.) This is the regulatory agency you have comply with.
  • National Safety Council:  www.nsc.org
    The National Safety Council eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.
  • Target Safety Online Safety Training: targetsafety.com
    Trindel is signed up as a member that includes all of the Trindel Counties. You sign up and access the training as individual counties.
  • The American Society of Safety Engineers: www.asse.org
    The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is the oldest professional safety society and is committed to protecting people, property and the environment.
  • The Safety Center: www.safetycenter.org
  • Target Solutions:  www.targetsolutions.com