The Loss Prevention Services staff at Trindel Insurance Fund offers assistance to its members in writing, implementing and maintaining policies and procedures.


FMLA Checklist 1 Employee's Serious Health Condition

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FMLA Checklist 2 - Family Member's Serious Health Condition

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FMLA Checklist 3 - Pregnancy Disability

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FMLA Checklist 4 - Covered Service Member Leave

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FMLA Checklist 5 - Qualifying Exigency Leave

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New OSHA 300 Log & Instructions

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OSHA 300 Log & Instructions

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OSHA Injury Reporting Card Template Side 1

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OSHA Injury Reporting Card Template Side 2

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Annual Trindel Safety Award Nomination Form

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First Aid Kit Contents Recommendations

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Trindel Annual Employee Safety Award Procedure

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LPE Criteria

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Serious Incident Reporting Guidelines

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Trindel Volunteer Search and Rescue Policy Guidelines

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Vehicle Incident Follow-up Guidelines

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Sample EEO Policy

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Public Funds for Safety Incentives

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Sample EEO Policy

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Policy Templates

Additional Time Off Policy

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Annual Safety Award Policy

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Confidentiality Policy

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Electronic Resources Policy

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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

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Family and Medical Leave Policy

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Identity Theft Prevention

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Nepotism Policy

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No Harassment Policy

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Personal Leave of Absence Policy

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Personal Medical Leave Policy

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Pregnancy Disability Leave Reasonable Accommodation and Transfer Policy

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Reporting EEO and Harassment Policy

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Respect and Professionalism in the Workplace Policy

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Safety Policy

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Sample EEO Policy Directive

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Sample FMLA Policy

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Search & Rescue Volunteer Guidelines

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Service Member Family and Medical Leave Policy

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Substance Abuse Policy

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Telecommuting Policy

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Trindel Hearing Conservation Policy

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