About Trindel Insurance Fund

Trindel Insurance Fund (Trindel) is a Joint Powers Authority established pursuant to California Government Code Section 6500 et. seq. Membership is limited to California counties. Trindel is dedicated to assisting with the insurance needs of its members by providing the most stable, cost-effective, risk‐financing mechanisms; insurance program monitoring; and loss prevention services available. Trindel was originally formed by Del Norte and Trinity counties in 1980. Trindel then expanded with the addition of five (5) counties (Alpine, Colusa, Lassen, Modoc, and Sierra) during the insurance crisis of the mid‐ 80s. Trindel added San Benito County in 1991, Mono County in 2000, Plumas in 2010, and Sutter County as of July 1, 2014. At Trindel’s January 2014 board meeting the Board of Directors prepared for growth in services and membership through a strategic planning session. As of January 1, 2016, the members employed 3,990 staff to serve a population of 294,078. Trindel’s daily operations are managed by an Executive Director under the general direction of the Board of Directors, consisting of one voting member from each county, and generally meets three times a year. There is also an Executive Committee that includes the Board President, Board Vice‐President, and two at large members, which meet as needed. Due to the small number of members all policy decisions are made by the Board with implementation and initial enforcement of the policies handled by the Executive Director. Trindel was originally formed for the purpose of gaining size as leverage in the marketplace for the purchase of insurance/reinsurance; and, if necessary, to pool resources in hard market times. Trindel continues with this purpose today.

In concept and practice, Trindel is a banking arrangement with its members wherein, over time, each member is fiscally responsible for its own losses and costs. All members share the Administration and Safety Officer costs equally. Trindel acts as the cash flow mechanism for the members. Should a member be responsible for several large losses in any given year or time period the pooled cash will pay the bills and the member will, over time, repay Trindel. Trindel uses its ability to combine the size of the members in order to obtain better insurance and pricing for selected insurance programs and the purchase of services to benefit all members. July 1, 2018, Trindel entered into a workers’ compensation pooling arrangement for losses over $300,000 up to

$1 million. July 1, 2021, Trindel began pooling general liability losses over $250,000 up to $1 million.

The Trindel Board also employs fifteen positions. Seven of Workers’ Compensation claims handling, four full-time Loss Prevention positions, two full-time Liability/Property positions, one Financial Analyst, and one Administrative Assistant, under the supervision of the Executive Director. The Workers’ Compensation and Liability/Property employees provide claims handling for members.

The Loss Prevention program provides training, safety programs, inspections, etc. to each of the members on a regular basis (see section titled Services and Programs below for additional information on the Safety Officer). The Financial Analyst provides financial analysis for the members and Executive Director. The Administrative Assistant provides clerical support for the Executive Director; the Executive Director provides risk management services for its members and directs the JPA.

Trindel is audited by four different outside agencies. First, a financial audit is performed annually by an outside firm. Secondly, a claims audit is performed for both major programs every two years by PRISM. Third, an accreditation audit is performed every three years by CAJPA. Lastly, an audit is performed by the Department of Industrial Relations Workers’ Compensation. All excess insurance coverages are purchased through either PRISM or Alliant Insurance Services.


The mission of Trindel Insurance Fund is to provide members the most cost-effective risk financing mechanisms to selected property, casualty, workers’ compensation, liability, and other coverages. To manage these programs we assure fiscal soundness, superior service, stability of cost, effective loss prevention, and education programs to benefit and meet the public, the employee, and the counties’ needs.


Trindel Insurance Fund’s office is located in Weaverville, California. The office has a welcoming atmosphere, is equipped with the latest technology, and is located in the beautiful mountainous Trinity County.

Trinity County is known for its outstanding quality of life with an abundance of fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and close proximity to the north coast.

Benefits of Employment with Trindel Insurance Fund

  • California Association of Joint Powers Authority: “Accredited with Excellence”
  • Belief in a collaborative, interdependent, and forward-thinking teamwork
  • Leading one of the strongest and most respected risk pool JPAs in the state
  • Working with an engaged, supportive, and forward‐thinking Board
  • Emphasis on continuous professional development and the fostering of strengths of each staff member
  • Places service to Counties as its highest mission
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Excellent health and wellness benefits, including medical, dental, vision, EAP
  • Employer paid short‐term/long‐term disability and life insurance
  • Access to optional voluntary benefits including flexible spending accounts, and supplemental insurance plans
  • 13 paid holidays
  • Vacation and Paid Sick Leave
  • Participation in the CalPERS retirement system
  • Voluntary 457(b) tax-deferred compensation plans
  • Financial support for professional development

Interview Process

First interviews will include a supplemental questionnaire and are expected to take place in June. Finalist interviews will be held in person on a date to be selected thereafter.

This position fact sheet is intended to provide general information and assist qualified individuals in determining interest in applying for this position. The information is not all‐inclusive.